Our Philosophy


Tan Family

Coffee Stain is based on a story of love, passion, and an uncompromised sharing culture.

Established in 2012 as a family business, Sylvia, Sam and Edmond began this hospitality journey by simply perfecting the barista and customer service skills. In order to put our customers first, we travelled to big cities to acquire the necessary skills set. On the other hand, Sam was making waves in the coffee scene.

For us, coffee goes beyond the four walls of our coffee shop. It is more than just a business; it is purely bred from passion. We are avid travellers when it comes to sourcing the right beans. Heavily immersed in the idea of seed to cup, we are so blessed to meet individual farmers from all over the world and exchange personal stories along the way. Sustainability is not a destination but a journey, and through this we want to ensure that each cup overflows with love and joy. As baristas, as messengers of coffee, we wish to share this dynamic energy and passion with you.  

Heart for Serving

Committed to providing the finest cup of coffee to our customers through our well-trained baristas.

Sharing is Caring

Building a sharing culture at Coffee Stain by instilling and delivering coffee education to our customers.

Reaching Out with Love

Supporting individual farmers in different parts of the world by practicing the sustainability act of seed to cup.